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Walk the Overland Track

The Overland Track is probably Australia's best alpine walk. The track winds through the Cradle Montain - Lake St Clair National Park, a world heritage area. Take the start of this 65 km walk and discover some of the best Tasmanian landscapes. Walking through mountains, forests, plains and waterfalls will leave you with unforgettable memories!



  • Day 1: Start Overlank Track - Barn Bluff
  • Day 2: Barn Bluff
  • Day 3: Pelion Hut
  • Day 4: Kia Ora - Mont Ossa
  • Day 5: Kia Ora - Windy Ridge
  • Day 6: Windy Ridge - Lake St Clair


Day 1: Start Overlank Track - Barn Bluff

The Overland Track is Australia's premier alpine walk. Six days are necessary to walk from Cradle Valley to Lake St-Clair, through a variety of spectacular landscapes: valleys, rainforests, eucalyptus forests, alpine meadows... Even if the track is only 65kms long, it can be physically challenging, that is we chose professional guides to accompany you. At the end of each day, you will also enjoy a good dinner and a night in a private ecolodge...

On Day 1, you will walk from Waldheim to Barn Bluff. This 12km stage will take you through ancient temperate rainforest. At the end of the steepest section of the Overland Track, you will reach the beautiful Crater Lake and the Marion's Lookout. Then you will have lunch, before continuing your walk around the base of Cradle Mountain for about 4h. You will finally arrive at the Barn Bluff Hut, where you will spend the night.
Included : room & breakfast, dinner (no drinks), picnic lunch, local guide english speaking

Day 2: Barn Bluff - Pine Forest Moor

On this second day, the difficulty of the walk will be lower. You will mainly travel accross plains where glaciers once sat. Since the soil is often wet and muddy, a duckboard path was built! It will make it easier for you to cross the Pine Forest Moor. You will then discover another landscape, made of plains of button grass surrounded by high peaks. Behind you, you will see the peaks of Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff, while in front of you is the Mt Pelion West... that will be your next goal! You will spend the night at the Pine Forest Moor Hut.
Included : room & breakfast, dinner, picnic lunch, public tour, local guide english speaking

Day 3: Pine Forest Moor - Pelion Hut

This new day on the Overland Track will start with a long descent around the base of Mt Pelion West, that will take you to the Lemonthyme Valley. After a lunch break along the Forth River, you will start a long (but not steep!) ascent. Slowly but steadily, you will leave the Lemonthyme Valley and reach the Pelion Plains. From there, you will have outstanding views of Mt Oakleigh. This stage would be about 5h long, but there are many side trips to do from the Pelion Plains, if you want to discover some extra waterfalls or abandoned copper mines. You will spend the night in the Pelion Plains Hut.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch, public tour, local guide english speaking

Day 4: Kia Ora - Mont Ossa

Leaving the comfort of your hut behind you, you will begin your day by climbing to Pelion Gap. This summit will give you some really nice picture opportunities. There are great views both back to the north and forward to the south. Today's stage is only 3.5 hours long, so you will have plenty of time to explore the paths that depart from Pelion Gap. You will then walk to the base of Pelion Gap, where the Kia Ora Hut is waiting for you! This day is a very relaxing day, but if you want to undertake a more challenging hike, an optional side trip to Mt Ossa (Tasmania's highest mountain) is possible.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch, dinner, public tour, local guide english speaking

Day 5: Kia Ora - Windy Ridge

This day is all about waterfalls and majestic forests! One hour after leaving Kia Ora, you will arrive at the Du Cane hut. This hut was built by trapper Paddy Hartnett. His wife planted some native gardens, that are a perfect spot to rest. From there, you will wander through one of the oldest forest in the national park. Some of the King Billy pines are over 2000 years old! Later on, you will discover three of the most spectacular waterfalls of Tasmania, and you will have lunch besides one of them. During the afternoon, you will make your way to the Windy Ridge Hut, where you will spend the night.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch, public tour, local guide english speaking

Day 6: Windy Ridge - Lake St Clair

Did you know that Lake St-Clair is Australia's deepest natural lake? This lake, shaped by glaciers centuries ago, is your goal for the day. You will first walk through eucalyptus forest, before arriving to Narcissus, at the northern end of Lake St-Clair. You will have lunch in front of this wonderful place, and you will then board the Idaclair cruise boat for a 17km cruise. Upon arrival at Cynthia Bay, you will have time to look around the visitor's centre, before being transferred to Launceston, Tasmania's second city.
Included : lunch (no drink), english speaking guide, guide expenses, private transport, excursion (private)

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